As part of an Expressive Arts course this semester, I joined with a small group for a series of multimodal workshops wherein we utilized myths and stories as material for our creative work. We had the goal of experiencing a variety of modalities.

Each session was unique and in some way reflected the spirit of the chosen story. In response to the story of Vasalisa the Wise, we worked through a series of activities that culminated in the creation of a doll of our own.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés equates intuition to “the treasure of a woman’s psyche.” She recounts a tale in Women Who Run With the Wolves within which she illustrates intuition as existing in the form of a doll.

This particular style of doll emerged as I moved through processes including writing and movement. Having a complicated relationship with the matrilineal descent that exists in my own family, this session was particularly profound in terms of considering how my intuition came to exist within me.

At times I experience a lack of access to my perspicacious inner guidance. Working in reflection of this tale, I found I was able to explore healing my relationship with my intuition in a deep and beautiful way. Inspired by the concept that it is ethically relevant to experience for myself the processes that I will bring to work with clients, I appreciate the experience of this course and recognize the variety of modalities experienced will certainly inform my furthered work within the Expressive Arts.

materials used: wire clothes hanger, tissue paper, wool yarn


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