These Are Brutal Times.

This past week felt especially so. The news was not only unrelenting but it broke my heart. I am feeling desolate and impotent…

And then I said, “Well, I could make some art.”

I decided to make a video of my process. I set up my phone on my tripod and put it on time-lapse. I listened to the Gipsy Kings and Inti-Illimani and Victor Jara and folk music/protest music. On and off I’d sit down at my computer and read the words of Victor Jara’s songs (he was an activist/folk singer in Chile during the coup who was arrested and tortured and murdered for his speaking out against the dictatorship.)

I pulled out a canvas and painted art journal style on it. Layers and layers and layers, words and images, colors, lines. I got out of my head and into my body and soul. I clung to the life-raft of my creative spirit. I felt pulled by the flow of my feelings and the feeling of the paint dripping down the canvas. It was powerful, powerful work.

Throughout the day my heart ebbed between breaking wide open and turning to flee. But, when I was done, layers and layers later, hours later, many tears later, I felt some release.

I hope that you also feel something powerful when you watch the video.


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