Hello from the ECCs


As we continue moving forward, in tune with the changing seasons, our focus steady, we’d like to express our thanks to you—to everyone—for making the vibrant, growing community that is IEATA not only possible but a reality.

Conference planning is in full swing! Leyla and Camara, our two Conference Co-Chairs, and the Conference Committee  have been working tirelessly organizing what is sure to be a deeply enriching experience. Connect with the Conference. Early registration is happening. We invite all of you to be Early Birds!

As we look towards 2020, we are asking everyone in our community, if you feel inspired or called to host our next conference, to step up! We welcome any and all ideas. Please let us know by email and we can explore the possibilities.

If you are interested in making more contributions to our field and to IEATA, please consider the following Board openings and contact us at ecc@ieata.org:

  • ECC
  • Secretary
  • Social Action Co-Chair
  • Governance Co-Chair
  • Finance Co-Chair
  • Artist Co-Chair
  • Public Relations Co-Chair

Many thanks to Roselle for her wonderful and creative work on the Newsletter.

May the arts continue to heal us and bring us together. The world needs us. Our IEATA community needs you.

Enjoy the Newsletter!

Yousef AlAjarma and Janet Rasmussen
Executive Co-Chairs