Educational Resources Blog

Our objective is to serve as a site not only for connection, renewal, and enlightenment but also as the artist’s heart of resilience. Our aim this season is to optimize the use of social media as a mechanism for global visibility and increase membership of our organization and promote its mission.

This season we interviewed more organizational members to keep our resource information updated. As always, our focus is to promote IEATA’s mission. Through the blog sharing of artwork, multimodal processes, and world traditions to honor the earth and season of new growth, we have a rich opportunity to learn new forms of creative eco-expression from each other. Also, we reveal the power of art to heal by educating/interfacing with other organizations.

The Educational Resources Committee will continue to be available to respond to web traffic and answer inquiries about our organization.

Roxanne Daleo, PhD
Martha McCaughey, PhD
Educational Resources Committee Co-Chairs