Joint report from Katrina (North America) and Milan (Asia Pacific and Europe)

We are excited to share that 14 IEATA members (a growing number!) met on the August 15th Members Forum hosted by the Regional Committee. As we see the hunger and needs from our regional members, Katrina and I are excited to propose the following in hopes to collaborate with the Members Committee:

The Regional Co-Chairs would like to host more Member Forums alongside Regional Coordinators with each month facilitated by a new region within IEATA. Our proposal would follow these steps:

  • Traditionally, all Co-Chairs meet with all Regional Coordinators in a large online gathering once a year, and meet with their own regional coordinators via zoom or skype twice a year. For example, Katrina will meet with the regional coordinators across the United States in one meeting, and then meet the regional coordinators across Canada in another meeting. Milan will meet with coordinators in Europe in one meeting, and for Asia in another meeting. Graciela will meet with all coordinators in South America in one meeting.
  • During the co-chairs’ meetings with the regional coordinators, the co-chairs will ask if any of the regional coordinators would like to host a Members Forum. For example, if Europe would like to host a Members Forum, Milan, as the Co-Chair would co-facilitate a Members Forum with coordinators from Europe. They would plan an opening activity and facilitate the conversation for the Forum.
  • We plan to start with the US first since it‘s the biggest region. For example, a Members Forum might be facilitated by Katrina with Topaz Weis and Jennie Kristel, the Northeast regional coordinators. Since the U.S. is the largest group of members, we suggest the U.S. regions facilitate forums every other month, interwoven with other countries. We believe this meets the growing interest for voices to be heard from international IEATA regions.
  • We notice that other countries frequently adapt to the U.S. time zones and agendas. We look forward to honoring the time zone of the region that is presenting.
  • Once the calendar is set, we encourage members to find translators well in advance of the forum, as necessary.
  • After each of these regionally facilitated Members Forums, the co-chair that assisted in that Forum will post a summary of the forum to view on the IEATA website. This will update our members about various regions, as well as serving as a good promotion for IEATA.
  • We are enthusiastic about this proposal because it offers an opportunity to glimpse into each of the IEATA regions, their use of expressive arts, and their culture, live on Zoom!
  • We will have a short summary written after each of the meeting. It will be shared on IEATA news/website to spread the news of what we are doing regionally and encourage more people to join our member forum meeting and hopefully to become a member too if they are not already!
Milan Szeto-Rieder, BA, MExArts, AThR
Katrina Plato, PhD, ATR
Regional/International Committee Co-Chairs