Congratulations and Welcome to our new REATs! 


We’ve been busy – lots going on!

This interim we have focused on working to create innovations to help our committee complete the REAT application process more expeditiously. Our goal is to complete the REAT review process within 3 months. We have invited current REATs to join the REAT Committee and have received an incredible response–thank you!

Also, working toward this goal, we prepared an orientation and training program and invited current registered REATs to join us. The training program was video recorded so it will be available in the future to members who would like to join the REAT Committee and begin reviewing applications. We will be offering more trainings in the future.

Plus we’re exploring ways to keep REATs more involved with the community and IEATA that include creating a FaceBook page for REATs and perhaps some REAT online forums/discussions.

Wendy Phillips, PhD, LMFT, REACE, REAT 
Anin Utigaard, PhD
Professional Standards Committee REAT Co-Chairs