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We have received enquiry from the HKU’s student representative on registration as a REAT. They are suggestinga meeting with representatives from IEATA to have a more in-depth discussion and sharing of information.

We continue receiving emails showing interest in joining our committee as committee members. We are working on setting up a google drive platform and a google group to use as a resource for our members. Our google platform will have information for students and new professionals about REAT/REACE certification, EXA programs, a platform for members to chat, Q & A documents etc.

Future Planning

Going forward, we will continue to identify more student and new professional representatives, make connections with expressive arts therapy institutes through the representatives, and organize events including a relaunch of the mentorship program, postcard and pen pal/art pal exchange, and easier access to REAT supervisors.

Aleck Kwong, MA, AThR 
Naomi Kimmelman, MA AMFT, APCC
Student & New Professional Committee Co-Chairs